Ooops: State Health Benefits Site Gave 8,000 People Bum Premium Quotes

Well that was good while it lasted.

The Washington state health exchange site was the toast of the communistic-takeover-of-healthcare town for a while. But now the cancer that is the federal government’s botched roll out of the Affordable Care Act has spread to the Evergreen state.

Washington’s Heath Benefits Exchange said today that a miscommunication between it and the federal government caused the online system to quote health care premiums that were lower than what people were actually entitled to. The exchange says 8,000 people were affected. We have a call in to see how far off the calculations were.

The customers affected will be receiving letters informing them that they were quoted wrong. We humbly suggest that right-wing radio in town call these Obummer Letters.

Here’s how Exchange CEO Richard Onizuka explained the screw-up:

Working with the federal government, our IT team traced the issue to inconsistent file formats being shared between Washington Healthplanfinder and the Federal Data Services Hub.

The investigation revealed that the two systems were using different parameters to establish estimated household income. As a result, some Washington Healthplanfinder applicants did not receive the correct tax credit information related to their premiums.

The site has seen 35,000 enrollments since it went live Oct. 1.

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