Inslee Still Up In the Air on I-522

Jay Inslee still hasn’t made up his mind on whether he’s for or against the controversial ballot measure to require labels on genetically engineered foods.

The governor, who once represented Central Washington, the state’s breadbasket, as a state legislator and congressman, has been getting “hundreds of calls and letters” from Initiative 522 supporters urging him to take a stand on their behalf, Inslee’s spokeswoman Jaime Smith said today.

As for the No on 522 Coalition, the main opposition group, only a handful of the initiative’s detractors have weighed in, Smith added.

The Bainbridge Island Democrat has said in the past that he thinks there is scant scientific evidence to support the notion that genetically modified foods are a health concern.

The measure, which has captured national attention, is one of the most expensive initiative battles in the state’s history. Nearly $29 million has been raised by both sides.

The contest promises to be a close one. The latest poll, conducted by Elway Research, shows I-522 leading 46 percent to 42 percent, with 12 percent undecided. The poll, taken in mid-October, also showed that 66 percent of Seattle voters are in favor of GMO labeling.

“We will let people know when he does make up his mind,” Smith said.

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