Sawant Now Holds Dime-Thin Lead Over Conlin

To paraphrase some dude with a rad mustache, reports of Kshama Sawant’s electoral defeat were greatly exaggerated (in our defense, everyone thought it was looking bad from the Socialist candidate on election night).

Sawant now leads four-term incumbent Richard Conlin by 41 votes, capping a week of ballot drops that showed her slowly gaining on her opponent.

The total tally now stands at 79751  to 79710, which puts Sawant a dime-thin 0.03 percent ahead of Conlin, 49.91 to 49.88.

King County still has plenty of ballots to count: 62,000 with verified signatures and another 4,250 with challenged signatures, according to KIRO.

Still, the trend is undeniably going Sawant’s way, with each ballot drop breaking ever more strongly toward the challenger. The next ballot count is tomorrow at 4:30 p.m.

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