‘Passive-Aggressive Parking Vigilante’ Leaves Profane, Unhinged Note for Woman Home Sick

Parking in Seattle has been known to inspire anger. As my colleague Ellis Conklin detailed back in July, much of the time that anger is directed at the folks handing out tickets.

But sometimes, as the SPD Blotter blog notes today, the anger can be directed at those doing the parking - as is apparently the case in one North Seattle neighborhood.

As SPD’s Jonah Spangenthal-Lee documents, a “passive aggressive parking vigilante” that allegedly does his or her dirty work around Whitman Avenue North near 41st Street has been making their presence felt for some time, painting “unofficial” parking lines along most of a one-block stretch earlier this year. Recently, according to the passive-aggressive vigilante’s latest victim, things got even angrier.

Telling police that she suspected the alleged vigilante was “a man in the neighborhood who has previously griped about the parking situation on the block,” the victim provided police with a not-so-nice note that was left on her car last week, as she was home sick with a car parked outside the “unofficial” parking lines painted earlier this year.

The note reads:

“Please do everyone a favor on this block, either learn how to park your car like a normal human being or put a bullet in your face you worthless piece of [expletive]. Go [expletive] yourself and have a bad day. Sincerely, Everyone.”

The woman told police this wasn’t the first parking-related note that had appeared on her car. Hopefully the others were a bit nicer.

The Blotter blog post indicates police are “on the trail,” of the alleged line-painter and note-leaver.

Spangenthal-Lee also reminds us that the Seattle Police Department is always looking for new parking enforcement officers. However, there are a few stipulations. “Among the many qualifications for the job, you must be a able to remain calm and emotionally detached in tough situations, and be a tactful, courteous communicator who has not smoked Angel Dust within the last five years,” Spangethnal-Lee notes. “Must like dogs.”

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