Dick Move of The Week: Don of KIRO Radio’s Ron & Don Show

Filling the airwaves ain’t easy. You need shit to talk about it. I get it. Having manned the controls of The Daily Weekly during the twilight of Seattle Weekly’s “Top 10 Reasons To Click on This Bullshit Post” era, I’m even a little sympathetic to those whose job it is to yammer endlessly for ratings.

But Jesus Christ if Don of KIRO Radio’s Ron & Don show didn’t open up a whole can of Dick Move today. With the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy tomorrow, Don chose today – of all days – to take a BOLD stand against one of our most beloved (and admittedly philandering) Presidents.

Perhaps it was good for ratings. But the timing reeks of Dick Move.

From Don’s mouth:

I don’t like JFK. I know everybody loves him and I just don’t. And the reason I don’t love him has nothing to do with politics. He did something my father did to my mother and that’s why I can’t stand the guy. And he did it over and over and over again and he did it in his wife’s face.

Don, of course, is referencing JFK’s epic extramarital activities. OMG, you guys! Did you know JFK fucked around? Did you know cheating on your wife and the mother of your children is a shitty thing to do?

Quick, Don! Jump on a mike. DERRRRRRRRRRRRRRP!

More from Don’s mouth:

And the whole Camelot thing I think is BS. I mean he was only president for two-and-a-half years. He wasn’t president for four years. You find out once you’re in your second-term that Camelot falls apart.

He didn’t serve a second term. You know, because he got shot.

Look, we’re not here to defend JFK’s tail-chasing. Cheating is bad and it can ruin families. Don, according to the transcript of today’s righteously indignant rant, has felt this pain. That’s shitty, and his feelings are real. He doesn’t have to like JFK. No one does.

But that doesn’t mean the poorly timed, poorly articulated garbage he spewed on today’s show doesn’t constitute a Dick Move. Because it totally does. Timing is everything. Something tells us today’s rant won’t end up as a highlight on Don’s resume, but it does make him the rightful recipient of the Dick Move of the Week!

Congrats, Don!

This week’s Dick Move runners up:

The asshole(s) that stole the dollar bills off the Comet Tavern’s ceiling: Not cool, dick(s).

People who discard moose hides where sharks can choke on them: Total Dick Move, you guys.

Mark Driscoll (no relation): Still a dick.

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