Citizens Tackle Man With Gun, SPD Says That’s Chill

Yesterday some citizens got all Flight 93 aboard a Metro bus and successfully apprehended a man trying to rob passengers.

According to the SPD Blotter, a man wearing a nylon face mask got on board the bus at 3rd & Pike and rode quietly to West Seattle before taking out his gun. After robbing three people on board, “a group of male passengers confronted the suspect and tackled him to the floor, holding him down until officers arrived.”

While these guys are undisputably badasses, we wanted to reach out to SPD to see if this sort of Bruce Willis approach to armed & dangerous situations is advisible. Turns out, yeah, it’s cool. Just be a badass safely.

Detective Renee Witt:

“Well—we advise people to do what they’re comfortable doing, we don’t encourage people one way or another, because you have to be comfortable trying to intervene or making contact with a suspect. Especially a person armed with a gun or a weapon. We remain neutral and just want people to be safe. We don’t encourage people to jump in and try to apprehend the suspect, and we don’t encourage people to stand back and do nothing. Just be safe, be a good witness, and that’s all we can ask for."

Now let Cajun Karate Keichu-do 7th degree black belt, Victor Marx, show you how it's done.

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