Latest Skinny on the Marriage From Hell

Earlier this week, my trusty colleague Matt Driscoll wrote about the office holiday party that ended on a less than cheery note, when the young wife supposedly ran over her husband.

The best part of the entertaining missive was how Seattle Police Det. Jeff Kapel described the Dec. 7 (yes, Peal Harbor Day!) incident on the SPD Blotter blog:

“At their car, which had been parked at a nearby parking lot in the 2000 block of 15th Avenue West, the argument became heated. The husband decided to exit the vehicle and walk away. He then noticed that his wife was maneuvering their black 2004 Mitsubishi Galant toward him so he sheltered behind a small tree at the edge of the parking lot. His wife drove over the tree, struck him with the car and ran over him. She then sped off down the road.”

That’s right, the good detective used sheltered as a verb.

Anyway, it turns at this woman, now identified as 24-year-old Cristina Forrest, has been investigated twice before for stabbing her hubby, according to King County prosecutors – all of this just a year into their marriage.

In the charging papers -- in which Ms. Forrest is accused of striking him from behind with the Mitsubishi and then running over his legs (which, by the way, earned her a Dick Move from Driscoll) – Senior Deputy Prosecutor David Ryan said police responded to the couple’s Shoreline home in January, where the man had been stabbed in the hand. Then in April, he was sliced in the neck with a bottle.

Both times, Ryan said, the man, who has not been named, refused to cooperate or say who had attacked him, Seattle PI-com reports today.

Meanwhile, Forrest, who was stopped by a State Patrol Trooper a few blocks from the ill-fated Christmas party, is alleged to have confessed to guzzling “four or five” drinks before getting behind the wheel. Her blood alcohol, say investigators, was 0.153, almost twice the legal limit.

Forrest has been charged with second-degree assault, hit-and-run, and driving under the influence, and is currently in jail on a $150,000 bail.

No word yet on whether she’ll be home for Christmas.

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