Missing the Pope’s Memo: Eastside Catholic High School Fires Man for Gay Marriage

Last Sunday, New York Times columnist Frank Brunni penned a piece titled “Catholics Still in Exile,” documenting how employees of Catholic institutions are still losing their jobs for being gay, regardless of the Pope’s softening tone.

“They didn’t get the memo in the suburbs of Philadelphia,” where a Spanish teacher was fired from a Catholic school for getting married to his partner in New Jersey. Nor in Little Rock, Ark., “where Tippi McCullough, 50, got the ax after 14 years as an English teacher at a high school affiliated with the Sisters of Mercy.”

Co-workers knew Tippi was gay, but getting married was too much.

Nor, did they get the memo on the Eastside, as we learned today.

At Eastside Catholic High School in Sammamish, students are protesting the dismissal of Vice Principal Mark Zmuda for his sexuality.

As with the school leaders in Brunni’s piece, Zmuda apparently crossed the line when he decided to make his loving commitment official by taking advantage of Washington’s same-sex marriage law.

According to the Seattle Times:

“Mike Patterson, spokesman for Eastside, said that by getting married, Zmuda violated teachings of the church, which he had agreed to follow.

“Teachers at Catholic schools, Patterson said, sign contracts that they will abide by the doctrine of the Catholic Church, which opposes and forbids same-sex marriage.”

The school had just learned about the marriage.

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