Great Balls of Fire: Free Bronco Castrations All Week

If I were a horse and had any balls at all, I’d get the hell out of Wenatchee, and fast.

In what has to be one of the more bizarre tributes to the Super Bowl-bound Seahawks, a veterinary clinic in the heart of downtown put up a sign this week that reads: “Free Bronco castrations all week. Go Seahawks.”

Why, what a lovely gesture – unless you’re a horse!

But actually, it’s only a joke. Ha ha!

“We don’t work on large animals,” Dr. Ed Womack at the Cascade Veterinary Clinic tells us.

Womack says the idea for the fake promotion came from one of his colleagues as they watched the Seahawks victory over San Francisco last Sunday.

So far, no takers, no complaints, and nary a comment from anyone in Denver. “We’re amazed by the reaction around here, though,” adds Womack. “Everybody is out taking pictures of it and texting it all the place.”

Womack, though, did note that he received a call from some guy who said he was with a horse rescue operation.

“He said he’d love to take us up on our offer, and then he said he had a horse he wanted to bring in whose name was Payton.

“We don’t know if he was joking or not.”

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