As Many As Five People Were Shot Last Night in Pioneer Square

The number of people shot last night in Pioneer Square just keeps growing.

According to KOMO, a woman was shot in the head last night near the northwest corner of 2nd Avenue Extension South and South Main Street, leaving her “clinging to life.”

While responding to the sound of gunshots, a police cruiser was struck by a woman fleeing the scene in a beige sedan. Luckily, neither the officer nor the woman was seriously injured. The woman was detained for questioning.

With the woman who suffered a gunshot wound to the head rushed to Harborview, according to the Seattle Times at least two others who also suffered gunshot injuries showed up at local hospitals. Meanwhile, two others are also believed to have been injured.

From the Times:

A short time later, a man also believed to have been injured in the Pioneer Square shooting was dropped off at a Seattle hospital about 1:30 a.m. with a gunshot wound to his foot, police said.

He is being questioned, according to police, as are the occupants of the car used to drop him off.

Seattle police say they also were contacted by Kent police about a third person who may have been involved in the Pioneer Square incident and who was taken to a Kent-area hospital.

A spokeswoman for the Seattle Police Department said two more people were reported to have been injured in shooting.

According to the Times, the woman who was shot in the head is the only person who suffered serious injuries. More information is expected to be released today.

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