Seattle Times Reporters Out Hawking Papers Today

On Sunday evening, when Percy Harvin’s second-half sprint to the end zone all but sealed a Seahawks victory, Seattle Times senior VP of business operations had an idea.

“I thought it might be fun for us to do some hawking. So, around 8:30, I sent out an e-mail [to the full Times staff] asking for volunteers to sell the paper on the streets the next morning,” Michael Shepard recounts.

And sure enough, the staff responded, eager to lend a hand to the circulation department. Not only did The Times add 100,000 papers to the normal 200,000 copies that roll off the presses, but it had some of its own staff writers – including criminal justice reporter Steve Miletich – strap on carrier bags and take to the streets, like something out of Front Page.

Demand for today’s paper, whose banner screams “CHAMPS!” is so high, adds Shepard, “that we’re firing up the presses now to run some more.”

Times spokeswoman Jill Mackie says the paper is running an additional 35,000 copies.

No word yet on circulation numbers from the Denver Post, whose mournful headline this morning read, “SEASICK.” Click here to see it and other Super Bowl headlines from around the country.

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