Seattle Sonics: Don’t Hold Your Breath

New NBA Commissioner, same old story: Seattle isn’t getting a team back anytime soon.

Basketball’s new top dog, Adam Silver – who last month replaced the much despised David Stern (at least in the eyes of Emerald City sports fans) – says nothing is in the works to return the Sonics, or whatever they may be called, to Seattle.

“Seattle is a wonderful market. It would be very additive to the league to have a team there,” Silver told ESPN. “But we’re not planning on expanding right now.”

Very additive to the league!? Who talks like that?

The main obstacle for planting a new NBA team here, after a six-year hiatus, or elsewhere for that matter, is the tenuous arena deal for the Milwaukee Bucks. The Bucks currently play in the Bradley Center, which Silver says is unfit for the league. Their lease ends in 2017, and with owner Herb Kohl looking to unload a stake in the franchise and a city government reluctant to put public money in for a new arena, finding a new home for the Bucks may be a hard sell.

Sound familiar?

Oh well, at least pitchers and catchers are back in Peoria.

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