Seattle Will Play Host to the United States' First Bitcoin ATM

Rejoice, all you pot-buying, grilled cheese loving cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

Robocoin, the Las Vegas company that installed the world's first Bitcoin ATM in Vancouver, Canada last October, announced today that Seattle and Austin, TX will be the hosts of the United States' first Bitcoin ATMs.

The ATMs won't be your standard fare—these kiosks will be equipped with drivers license and passport reading scanners to confirm your identity, allowing you to turn bitcoin into cash, cash into bitcoin, and transfer funds to and from your virtual wallet.

Since the last time we wrote about Bitcoin, Mt. Gox, the foremost Bitcoin exchange platform, suddenly shut down on Feb 7, thanks to glitches and subsequent hacking. Yesterday, the site announced it would be back up soon, but Bitcoin value has already taken a hit, falling to $630 from last month's near $1000 peak.

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