Now Golden Tate Is Stumping for UberX

The movement, it appears, is growing.

Yesterday it was Seattle’s favorite Grammy winning thrift-shopper coming out in support of UberX, one of the app-based transportation “ride share” outfits that have taken Seattle by storm. The City Council is poised to vote this Thursday on a proposal that, among other things, would cap the number of ride share vehicles each company can claim. Many say this action would effectively kill the new companies in Seattle.

Now you can add Seahawks wide receiver Golden Tate, and former Seahawks wide receiver Sidney Rice, to the growing list of well-known Seattleites trying to save ride share in Seattle. As was thoughtfully pointed out by an e-mail from Northwest-based PR firm Gallatin Public Affairs, both footballers came out in support of UberX this morning on Twitter.

See for yourself:

And ...

No word on whether the recently released Rice, or the possibly soon-to-be-let-go Tate will use UberX to get to their next NFL destination.

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