Seattle Might Get an NHL Hockey Team, But What Should We Name It?

Jeff Patterson, the radio announcer for the Vancouver Canucks, tweeted out that NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman mentioned "it'd probably be pretty fun for Canucks to have a legitimate geographic rival" in response to a proposed Seattle team.

You are very right, Mr. Bettman. It would be super fun.

And as time draws on, a Seattle NHL expansion is cautiously looking more and more likely. The Seattle Sports Commission made a trip up to Vancouver last Thursday to chat about hockey biz, and things are looking good. So far, we just need to figure out which rich human wants to pay for the team, and what arena we will put the team in.

But while all those not so fun details are hashed out, many people are jumping to the much more fun debate over what to call the potential Seattle team.

Leading the pack seems to be the Seattle Metropolitans, a throwback to the short-lived but glorious hockey team that won the first American Stanley Cup back in 1917 and met its demise in 1924.

An alternate suggestion is the Seattle Pilots, a tribute to the city's massive aerospace industry. But after Boeing's massive FU to Washington State and its machinists early this year, that might not fly over so well (pun intended).

Another throwback is the Seattle Totems, recalling the city's pro team from 1958-1975. The name alludes to the region's Native people, opting for a logo similar to that of the Seahawks.

Then there's the ​Seattle Emeralds​, a glamorous little moniker referencing our "Emerald City" nickname.

Keeping with that theme is the ​Seattle Evergreens​, which might also play into the state's recently legalized weed. Look at all those lovely trees.

But personally, I'm vying for the Seattle Salmon, which has no concept art beyond this dinky Facebook Fan Page profile picture. But how fun would it be to chant "SPAWN! SPAWN! SPAWN!" at games? You can also do the Chinook or Steelhead if you want to get fancy.

Other options: Seattle Freeze (named after our famous alleged anti-social tendencies). ​Seattle Grunge​ (make the players wear flannel jerseys). Or, as an ultimate middle finger, we could just call them the ​Seattle Supersonics.

What do you think we should name the team?

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