Ken Griffey Jr. vs. Linda Cohn: The Interview

Ken Griffey Jr. did a very Ken Griffey Jr.-like thing yesterday.

Appearing on SportsCenter in an interview with Linda Cohn to pimp Upper Deck baseball cards, the greatest Mariner of all time and a current special consultant to the team did something the Seattle media has long known he has a penchant for: act like an asshole.

Check the video above for proof.

Naturally, Deadspin took note of the extremely awkward exchange, writing that Griffey “acted like a guy who would rather have been anywhere else,” while also sympathizing slightly by offering that “Griffey’s eyes are the cold, dead eyes of a man who is on his 14th PR hit of the week.”

If only it was that simple. Sure, forced media engagements must get tiring, but this wasn’t about fatigue. It was about Jr.’s personality. Sadly, dick moves are nothing new for the Kid, especially when it comes to the media. And it didn't help that when watching the interview I kept expecting Griffey to retire from it halfway through, then drive cross county back to Florida in a petulant huff.

As KJR’s Ian Furness said on Twitter this morning: “I don’t get it with [Griffey]. In charity situations I have seen him be engaging and outgoing. In other settings aloof and almost angry.”

For what it’s worth, Griffey apparently did call Linda Cohn today to apologize. She accepted it, of course, because she’s a pro, and in the grand scheme a shitty interview about baseball cards really doesn’t matter that much. The world will move on.

Still, it is classic Griffey.

Furness’ Twitter reaction to the apology: “[it] would carry more weight if that was the first time he acted like that. Still embarrassing for him and client”


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