Angry House Cat Accused of Holding Portland Family Hostage

According to Portland’s KATU TV, an angry 22-pound Himalayan house cat held a family hostage Sunday night, requiring a police response and producing one of the more bizzare cat-related stories in recent memory.

As KATU reports, the large feline stands accused of attacking a baby and then forcing its family, dog included – “to take refuge in a bedroom” as it “continued to rage outside.”

As Portland’s KATU reports:

Police said a 911 dispatcher who stayed on the phone could hear the cat screeching in the background throughout the call.

When police arrived at the home near Union Station, the cat fled to the kitchen and jumped onto the refrigerator. Police used a snare to capture the cat, then jailed it in its crate.

As KATU’s lead correctly points out, “Now THAT’S a bad kitty.”

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