Crazy Futuristic 'Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Headset' Setting Up Office in Seattle

The Oculus Rift, for those unfamiliar, is a virtual reality headset currently in development that will soon allow humans to slip seamlessly into video game worlds. It will probably make you look like a giant doofus (as evidenced in the hilarious video of a man fighting dragons above) but it will also probably be heap loads of fun. Early developers have already made demos that allow you to immerse yourself in the body of elephants, birds, and Jerry Seinfeld.

Today, Oculus VR, the company behind the headset, announced that it is opening a new Research and Development office in Seattle. The company has hired Atman Binstock, a former Valve engineer, to spearhead the new office. Valve, the Bellevue heavyweight game developer behind the popular Half-Life series and the Steam gaming platform, had previously employed Binstock on its own virtual reality team, where he was credited with proving "simulator sickness could be overcome."

Thanks to Atman, people won't barf when they virtually fly around like a bird.

For those who want to dive headset first into the nascent world of virtual reality, the new Seattle office is hiring engineers. You, yes you, could help bring Jerry Seinfeld simulators to the world.

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