WSU Column on Anal Sex Shows Hindsight

Abby Student (yes, that’s her real name) has penned a column for The Daily Evergreen over at Washington State University that offers some real hindsight about anal sex.

The piece has become a web sensation. It’s getting picked up everywhere.

The provocative essay, titled “Considering the taboo, exploring the road less traveled,” starts off in scholarly fashion, citing the Robert Frost poem as providing inspiration to those seeking to give anal sex a try.

“Like any red-blooded man,” she writes, “Frost chose the latter because its novelty intrigued him. At the end of his journey, he said that taking the road less traveled by had “made all the difference. 

“After years of engaging in traditional sexual intercourse, modern men have taken Frost’s uplifting aphorism and applied it quite literally to their genitals. I don’t blame them; after all, Frost was a wise man. He ended his life with four Pulitzers.

“Modern men and women have gone off the beaten path by moving their entry point two inches south from that of their forefathers. Modern American couples have normalized the practice of anal sex. In the words of Frost ‘the road less traveled by’ has gained some serious traffic.”

Student, in her article, cites a study conducted by the National Survey of Family Growth from 2006 to 2008, which stated that 44 percent of straight men and 36 percent of straight women admitted to having anal sex at least once in their lives. Though the numbers are high, she claims that anal sex is mainly joked about on campus and that the students who do enjoy it are not outwardly willing to coming forward with that information

In picking up the story, the Huffington Post spoke with Ms. Student and two other college sex columnists, one from the UW. The online paper quotes Student as saying, “Your butt has been your butt forever.”

How very true.

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