New PS4 Game Set in Seattle Has Seahawks Super Bowl Easter Eggs

Last November we wrote about how stoked we were that Seattle was going to be turned into a superhero playground for ​Infamous: Second Son​ for Playstation 4. Created by Sucker Punch, a Bellevue based video game developer, Infamous features recreations of the Space Needle, Elephant Car Wash, The Crocodile and Pike Place Market—detailed even down to its gum wall.

But what we, and Sucker Punch didn't know last November was the fate of future Super Bowl champs the Seattle Seahawks. Just in time for the game's release last Friday, the team coded in some unlockable content, including an alternate costume for the main character with "FAN 12" on the back of a denim jacket, as well as the "Seattle Football World Champs 2014" NFL Trademark-free virtual billboard in the game, which looks like its hanging from the Pacific Science Center.

So far, the game has been met with very positive reviews, praising the beautifully rendered Seattle environment. Watch the developers explain how they recreated Seattle's wet and rainy streets below:

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