Bertha Update: Plans Announced To Dig Out The Digging Machine By This September

Bertha, that gigantic, inoperable tunnel boring machine everybody loves to hate, finally might get out of that big hole it dug itself into.

After an environmental review, Seattle Tunnel Partners, the contractors behind the botched Highway 99 tunnel project, have announced they plan to start digging a big pit this July to fish the head of the 6700 ton machine out of the ground so that repairs may be made. Just how big will this pit be? About 120 feet deep and 80 feet across.

Come September, the massive hole digging project to retrieve the head of the massive hole digging machine should be completed, at which point Bertha will again see the light of day. The Highway 99 project is slated to resume in March of 2015, but really, who knows.

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