Two Men Arrested After Late Night Rainier Beach Drive-By Shooting

Two men arrested after a drive-by shooting last night in Rainier Beach are currently being held under investigation as to whether or not they are linked to a recent rash of shootings in South Seattle.

Seattle police responded to calls reporting gunfire on 57 Ave. S. in Rainier Beach late Monday night. Two homes and a car were hit, but luckily nobody was injured.

Police interviews with a man who claimed to be the target of the gunfire reported that he'd been followed home that night by a silver Audi that opened fire on his vehicle.

Around 1 a.m. this morning, police found the Audi, along with three men and two handguns inside. Two of the men were discovered to be felons, and were arrested on felony gun possession charges.

Police will investigate as to whether the men are involved in a rash of gun violence has recently plagued the Central District, Rainer Valley and Othello Park. On May 15, 50 rounds were fired from a rifle and two handguns in Rainier Valley in a drive-by. On May 12, 60 rounds were fired in a similar incident that was roughly a block away. On May 14 in Othello Park, a woman received shrapnel wounds from a drive-by that happened in broad daylight. Additionally, over the past two months, four shootings in the Central District have left three people dead, potentially linked to a local "Deuce 8" gang in the neighborhood.

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