SPD Confronts Anti-Romani Racist Who Threatened a Seattle Psychic's Life

Utilizing the clairvoyant properties of Caller ID, Seattle Police were able to prevent an old man from Battle Ground, WA from further terrorizing Romani people with scary phone calls.

The drama started last December when a woman of Romani descent who owns a psychic reading business in the International District started recieving phone calls "from an angry man, who told the woman he was sending another man down to her shop to break all her windows unless she paid him off."

The woman reported the incident to 911, but a restricted line made it difficult to discover the identity of the caller.

Last Friday, months after the initial call, the man rang again—this time, threatening to kill the woman. However, his number appeared on caller ID this time around. An officer came to the woman's business, gave the man a call, and later discovered he was a 66-year-old racist with a history of threatening Romani people, the preferred name for the ethnic group derisively called "gypsies" in much of Europe.

The woman was advised on how to obtain an anti-harassment order, and prosecutors are currently looking into charges for the man.

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