There Will Be No Cap On How Many Dogs Lyft Drives To Work Tomorrow

Want to take your dog to work? Tomorrow just might be your day.

As decided by rideshare company Lyft and start-up dog-sitting website - because, of course - tomorrow is “Canine Coworkers Day.” That’s a capitalism-rich way of saying that the companies will be teaming for a joint promotion where Seattle-area dog owners can catch rides to work with their canine companions, while being sold both services in an exciting and unique way ... under the guise of yet another official “day.”

Because lord knows we need another official day.

That said, the promotion will surely be fun. And far be it for my cynicism to dissuade you (or your dog) from doing something fun - or potentially beneficial. As CEO Aaron Easterly points out, “Not only is it a joy to have dogs in the office, but research has shown it can promote lowered stress and increased productivity. We want to celebrate the many ways dogs enrich our lives and help others experience the benefits of having canine coworkers. We’re excited to be working with Lyft and are grateful they are making it easier to commute with a dog.”

Sold yet? According to the official press release, here’s how Lyft and’s “Canine Coworker Day” will work:

· On June 20, individuals can request Lyft ride. (Requesting a pet-friendly ride is easy. Once a driver has confirmed the request in the Lyft app, use the “call driver” function to let your driver know you’re celebrating Canine Coworkers Day with Lyft and Rover.)

· New Lyft passengers and their pets can commute for free on Canine Coworkers Day. Enter code ROVER before requesting a Lyft to receive one free ride up to $25.

· For a chance to be one of five winners who get $100 in Lyft and Rover credits, participants are encouraged to take a picture of their dog enjoying the ride and share it on Twitter and Instagram, tagging @Lyft and @Roverdotcom and using the #RoverLyfts hashtag

· Participating Lyft drivers in Seattle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, Miami, and Washington, D.C. will have some special presents for both dogs and owners in their car.

· Those community members who are new to Rover can visit and use the promo code LYFT to enjoy $25 off their dog’s first stay** – for the days that they can’t bring their dog along.

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