Sacramento Bound?: Schools Superintendent Jose Banda A Finalist For New Gig

When it came to stealing Sacramento’s basketball team, Seattle couldn’t get the job done. But when it comes to stealing Seattle school superintendent José Banda, it appears Sac-Town may have better luck.

That’s because news broke this morning that Banda has been named a finalist for the superintendent gig with the Sacramento City Unified School District. As the Seattle Times and others have reported, school board president Sharon Peaslee issued a letter this morning saying in part, “I want to assure our families, staff and community that the Board will quickly create a plan to ensure continued stability for our District. ... We will meet early next week to talk about next steps.”

Will Banda get the job? How highly does Sacramento view his time in Seattle, which began with his hiring back in 2012?

It appears we’ll soon find out.

As Q13 notes, “Banda has deep connections in California and a move to Sacramento would help him get closer to his family.”

The station also quotes more from Peaslee’s letter, which - in addition to its main purpose of reassuring the community amid uncertainty - praises Banda for his work here.

“I know I speak for the entire Board that if Mr. Banda becomes Superintendent of Sacramento City Unified, we will be very sorry to see him leave Seattle,” Peaslee writes.

UPDATE: According to various media reports, at a press conference this afternoon Seattle school superintendent Jose Banda said he doesn’t anticipate being with the Seattle School District come Aug. 1, and that an interim leader will likely be named next week.

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