Strange Wicker Man Sasquatch Creature Sighted All Around Seattle Yesterday

According to R/Seattle, a strange Wicker Man looking Sasquatch creature was sighted all around town yesterday. Reports placed him at Ballard Market, South Lake Union, the Harbor Steps at Elliott Ave, and Post Alley. The mythical creature was also wearing a trendy messenger bag.

According to a man named Stan Johnson with "a unique understanding of Bigfoot," Sasquatches "travel using portals. He mentions at least three portals that exist on the mountain where he lives. The portals seem to be entrances and exits to and from our physical reality. Not surprisingly, Bigfoot is often seen in these areas by a diverse group of witnesses."

Keep an eye out for Sasquatch portals everybody. And Keep Seattle Weird.

In other news, there was also a Batman sighting yesterday on I-405:

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