New Bigfoot Video Makes The Rounds

In what’s either a sign of a remarkable new development or a very slow news day, a video recently posted to YouTube is once again stirring the Bigfoot/Sasquatch debate.

Uploaded by user “AnythingWhatever” on June 17, the video - purportedly shot near Provo, Utah - captures something that might be Bigfoot or Sasquatch lurking in the dark woods. With a Blair Witch vibe, the video is being pounced on by news click-whoring news outlets (like us) and has now garnered over 43,000 views and counting. This is the world we live in.

According to the video’s description:

“We were driving near Sundance, Utah just outside of Provo Utah in Provo Canyon. We saw something in the trees so we turned around as quickly as possible. We captured this footage of what might be a Bigfoot or Sasquatch.”

Is it Bigfoot? Probably not. But whatever.

Personally, here at Seattle Weekly we were much more impressed by this sasquatch.

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