Nanny-In-Chief Urges Parents to Keep Pot Brownies Away From the Kiddies

Now that we’ve legalized the stuff, our leaders can’t stop falling all over themselves to make sure we don’t go overboard. State troopers and the Washington Traffic Safety Commission are out with this ingenious new slogan: “Drive High, Get a DUI,” which is all part of a $400,000 radio and online ad campaign to encourage parents to speak with their children about using pot safely. (Colorado launched the exact campaign several months ago.) Hell, only charged taxpayers $17,500 to spiff up the fake-Indian-conned Jorge Carrasco’s image, now tarnished beyond repair.

“We don’t want marijuana candy bars laying around on somebody’s coffee table,” Sharon Foster, chair of Washington State Liquor Control Board, said at a press conference today with Gov. Jay Inslee and other state officials.

And then this, from the governor himself, and we quote, “It is incumbent on everyone – retailers, parents, health professionals and public officials – to do everything possible to keep pot away from kids.”


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