UPDATED: Seattle's First Pot Store Is Open! (PHOTOS)

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UPDATE: Vernal Coleman was onhand today for the opening of Cannabis City reporting for Seattle Weekly. He witnessed the much-hyped pot history-in-the-making - which included Seattle City Attorney Pete Holmes buying a bag of legal weed - and tweeted much of it.

Coleman will be filing an official story later, but for now, here are the tweets:

ORIGINAL POST: It wasn’t quite ho hum, but there definitely wasn’t the mad scene one might have expected this morning outside Cannabis City–Seattle’s first legal pot store to open, beginning at noon. Although a couple grandparents camped out last night in front of the Sodo store, by 9:30 a.m. there were still just about 30 customers in line–about the same number of media folks who showed up, including three from The New York Times.

A body guard was nevertheless on hand, manning the brightly colored doors, which had a police ribbon barring access until the appointed hour. Dressed in a black suit, Eastside Security president Dan Webber looked awfully hot in the blaring sun.

Perhaps everybody had heard that supply won’t be great in these first few months of legal, recreational pot. A flurry of stories leading up today outlined the kinks in the system produced by the methodical, bureaucratic process overseen by the state. The word is also out that legal weed will be pricier than the product that can be found at the many medical marijuana stores that exist in a gray but flourishing market all over the city and the state.

Still, the scene this morning was festive enough. “Grand opening event” announced a banner on Cannabis City’s little store front, near a Subway shop and, ironically, around the corner from Seattle Public Schools’ headquarters, on Fourth Ave S. and Lander St. (There’s a strict ban on locating pot shops near schools and other locales frequented by kids but apparently SPS’ headquarters is kosher.) One fellow wore a hat of what looked like bright green leaves. A mellow line snaked around the building and the website Leafly had set up a booth next door.

We’ll keep you updated as the day progresses.

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