Some NFL Talking Head Says There Are Six Coaches Better Than Pete Carroll

Are there six coaches in the NFL better than Pete Carroll? According to one talking head over at, the answer is “yes.”

In what he refers to as his “annual Head Coach Power Rankings” (this is the first we’ve heard of them, for the record) NFL media analyst Elliot Harrison says Seahawks coach Pete Carroll ranks number seven out of 32 head coaches in the league. Carroll beat out Denver’s John Fox by one spot on the list (gee, sure looked like more than that during the Super Bowl), but was bested by coaches like Mike McCarthy, Tom Coughlin (what?) and even Jim Harbaugh (double what?).

Here’s Harrison’s tortured explanation:

Yes, Seahawks fans, we realize Carroll won it all. So has every coach remaining -- save for Jim Harbaugh. So why is Carroll ranked beneath his rival? Because Seattle went 7-9 in each of Carroll’s first two seasons with Seattle. He also trails Harbaugh in the head-to-head series, four games to three. However, if Carroll gets his club back to at least the NFC Championship Game, he might fly past Harbaugh and vie for the spot just below Belichick.

Belichick, for the record, came in at number one on Harrison’s dubious list, despite the fact the Patriots haven’t won a Super Bowl since Carroll was fourth year at USC.

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