UPDATED: It’s Kittens at Seattle Kitty Hall! (PHOTOS)

Ed Murray knows what sells - and what sells is cuteness, particularly of the feline variety.

Last week, in anticipation of the blistering heat wave, Murray’s office tweeted out a GIF of a cat in sunglasses to help citizens keep cool. The ploy worked perfectly, of course, with my office mate Gwendolyn Elliott instantly proclaiming, “Oh, look at his cute little neck rolls!” That’s a good GIF. I think we all felt a few degrees cooler.

But there was more. Yesterday, Murray upped the kitty ante when, by official proclamation, he renamed City Hall “Kitty Hall” for today. In accordance, the Seattle Animal Shelter has been invited to set up its “interactive kitten exhibit,” where the public is invited, from noon to 1 p.m., “to play and cuddle with the kittens available for adoption.”

Yes, you can go to City Hall - err, we mean Kitty Hall - and cuddle with kittens on your lunch break this afternoon.

Be sure to check out the purrrfect slideshow of all the kitties that came by Kitty Hall today

“While no adoptions will be performed on site, this is a great way to meet a potential pet,” the obligatory press release reads. “The Kitty Hall event highlights the Seattle Animal Shelter’s foster care program and promotes shelter cat adoptions. The shelter currently has more than 200 cats and kittens available for adoption, both at the shelter and in foster homes. The kittens at Tuesday’s event are all currently under the care of foster parents.”

Go cuddle, Seattle. And thank your mayor while you’re there.

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