That KC Sheriff’s Deputy Accused of Pimping His Wife? Yeah, He Got Fired Today.

Remember 19-year King County Sheriff’s deputy Darrion Keith Holiwell? You know, the guy accused of pimping his escort wife on, stealing a bunch of brass, and running a police steroid ring?

Yeah, he got canned today.

As King County Sheriff John Urquhart said in an official press release: ““Darrion Holiwell violated his oath, the trust of his fellow deputies, and the trust of the citizens of King County. ... He does not deserve to be a police officer.”

Given the circumstances, probably a good call. As Urquhart’s press release goes on to say:

Holiwell has been on Administrative Leave since the investigation into his activities began in late April.

According to Sheriff Urquhart, the criminal investigation is continuing, both inside and outside the Sheriff’s Office. Additional charges are possible, both for Holiwell and others. A parallel administrative investigation is on-going and involves several members of the Sheriff’s Office.

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