Seahawks Fans Want To “Build The Tip”

Super Bowl winning teams often have some season-defining moment that stands out above all others. For the Super Bowl Champion Seahawks, of course, that moment is known simply as “The Tip.” And now a handful of Seahawks fans are looking to make sure the moment can be appreciated in person at CenturyLink Field for years to come.

In short, these fans want to “Build The Tip,” and they’re looking for donations to do it.

If you like championing the Seahawks while also shaming Michael Crabtree, the people behind Build the Tip have created the perfect way to do so.

Build the Tip aims to erect a bronze statue, created by local artist Kevin Pettelle, outside CenturyLink Field showcasing the fateful moment that Richard Sherman and Malcolm Smith destroyed the 49ers last hope in the 2013 NFC Championship Game. Starting July 28 at 12:12 p.m., donations will be accepted for the project at

The group has outlined their plan for the crowd-sourced project on their website:

Seahawks fans everywhere can contribute to the success of the project by donating to the campaign at, officially opening for donations on July 28 at 12:12 pm. Prizes will be given to all donors who contribute at least $12.

The campaign will run for 40 days, ending on September 5. Every dollar raised in the Build The Tip campaign above the cost of the project will be donated to charity.

According to the website, the biggest prize, a large replica statue, can be had for the low-low donation of $10,000 - with a total of 10 prizes to be earned. The statue will also feature a “plaque of 48,” featuring the names of 12 random donors, 12 of the largest donors, 12 corporate donors, and the first 12 fan donors.

While an exact location for the statue has not been identified, the group backing “Build The Tip” hopes to place it somewhere where fans walking to CenturyLink Field can interact with it.

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