The End Is Near: Washington Predicted To Be Driest State In The Nation This Week

Any weather report in Washington right now is likely to bring both good and bad news. This one will be no different.

Citing the famous Cliff Mass, is reporting that Washington will likely be the driest state in then nation for the next eight days. Naturally, this is something worth making a big deal about it, since - along with grunge and coffee - rain is pretty much what we’re known for.

As reports:

Dry weather is in the forecast and the Northwest isn’t expected to see rain for over a week.

The National Weather Service reports dry conditions across the state will last for the next week, as well as some above-average temperatures.

For many in Western Washington, the high temperatures and dry weather will be seen as a rare opportunity to get out and enjoy some sunshine. It will also create the perfect environment for Seafair.

Of course, In Central and Eastern Washington, the dry weather will not help the ongoing wildfire situation. Hopefully the dry weather doesn’t make things worse for firefighters in the region.

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