Meet 'The Denny,' The Seattle Designed Bicycle of the Future

It's got automatic gear shifting, electric hill assist, smart lights, and a built in handlebar locking system. Also, it's really really pretty.

​UPDATE:Seattle has won the competition!

Bike porn alert.

Currently underway, Oregon Manifest's "Bike Design Project" competition is pairing design firms across the country with bicycle developers to see which city can produce the bike of the future. Be proud Seattle, our entry is sleek as hell.

Created as a collaboration between design firm TEAGUE and Sizemore Bicycles, "The Denny" is designed for Seattle's horrible hills and nasty weather.

Let's look at the specs on this puppy:

An electric motor in the front wheel helps power you up hills

The battery to power said motor is easily detachable and recharchable

The computer controlled gears shift automatically based on the terrain you are traversing

The handlebars double as a bike lock

The pre-installed light on the bike is sensitive to outside light, and adjusts brightness appropriately

—The bike also comes with brake lights and turn signals activated by flicking the brakes

—A netted storage bed is built into the front of the bicycle

The fender has been reduced to minimalistic rubber bristles to fight rain

Right now, the bike is still a prototype, but if it wins the most votes in Oregon Manifest's contest, it will go into production. Vote for Seattle's bike here, so we can all ride into the future on one of these soon.

UPDATE: For those of you asking about pricing, Sarah Matheny from TEAGUE had this to say:

"The price is actually undetermined—Fuji, our manufacturing partner will make that call once the final bike is chosen. The cost of the prototype is unfortunately no help for an estimation given every part is custom made—at this point it’s a stunning piece of art. Mass production will knock into the reality of MSRP."

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