BREAKING: Jess Spear Arrested Downtown For Protesting Oil Trains

Jess Spear, the Socialist Alternative climate scientist running against Frank Chopp for the 43rd District, was just arrested, according to her Twitter. Spear was at an anti-oil train rally this afternoon with Kshama Sawant, protesting the unsafe BNSF freight cars that have notoriously been exploding into flames. These trains' potential blast zones run along busy areas like Golden Gardens, Belltown and CenturyLink/Safeco Field. Police apparently warned protestors sitting on the tracks today that they would be arrested after a "5 min warning."

Mayor Murray released his statement on the oil trains last week:

"Even though they travel through our city, we as a city, do not have control over how the railways are used, and we must rely on the safety standards that are set at the federal level. I thanked Secretary Foxx for yesterday’s release of new oil train safety rules and I am committed to working with him to make these rules as strong as possible."
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