A Look at the Guitar-Shaped 'Jimi Hendrix Park,' Set For Construction Through 2015

After a few delays, Seattle officially broke ground last month for the planned 2.5 acre "Jimi Hendrix Park." The park is located in the Central District (the area Hendrix grew up in) situated next to the Northwest African American Museum. Most of the park's construction will take place over the course of 2015.

As you can see above, the park is designed to look like a psychedelic, melting guitar. The neck of the guitar acts as a "timeline pathway" that will serve as a sort of walking history of Hendrix's life. A curving "sound wave wall," featuring Hendrix's likeness will be constructed, along with a butterfly garden and a rain garden. Jimi Hendrix's signature will also be sandblasted into the side of one of the park's walls.

This first phase of the park is being dubbed the "Little Wing," a reference to the Hendrix song of the same name. The second phase, which will require more money from continued fundraising before construction can begin, will feature a stage, as well as a wall that will cast shadows of Hendrix onto it.

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