Phoenix Jones Completes Ice Bucket Challenge, Then Tasers Himself

"Everything you do, I can do better," Jones says, "you only poured ice over the top of your head. I'm going to get tased."

Local "superhero" Phoenix Jones announced just months ago that he was disbanding his Rain City Superhero Movement because its members couldn't do enough push ups, sit ups, or run fast enough. In reality, it was probably because most of its members had accused Jones of theft.

Despite that, video evidence now shows that Jones is doing some of the best work of his life—taking the Lou Gherig's disease ice bucket challenge and tasing himself. For those who aren't familiar, the viral challenge posits that you either donate $100 to a Lou Gherig's disease charity, or you film yourself dumping a bucket of ice on your head. I repeat, Jones does both those things, and tases himself.

"Everything you do, I can do better," Jones says in the video, "you only poured ice over the top of your head, I'm going to get tased, attempt to fight the tase, and not fall into a second bucket of ridiculously cold ice water."

As you will see, he is unsuccessful in fighting the tase.

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