Bremerton Police Considering Using Body Cameras

The Bremerton Police Department is the latest Washington police department to consider using personal cameras on all of their officers.

The trend has grown recently as a way to get a better understanding of how police handle different situations.

Many hope that the cameras will reduce the amount of physical violence police use so that the public doesn't have to rely on shaky iPhone videos to reveal the truth about contested situations like the one in Ferguson, Missouri.

According to the article by KOMO, Bremerton wants to use the cameras to build trust in its officers:

"There's a number of benefits, one is transparency," says spokesman Lt. Pete Fisher. "If the citizens are able to see their officers routinely interacting in a professional manner with the people on the street they have more trust in their police officers."

Bremerton's program will not start until 2015 if it is put in place. Each of the department's 40 officers would be outfitted with a camera.

The Seattle Police Department had originally planned for a similar program to begin on July 1, but due to concerns about when cameras would be turned on, it has been tabled.

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