NFL Gameday Village in Pioneer Square Brings Out the Youngsters and Big Fans (PHOTOS)

Let the festivities begin! Photo by Morgen Schuler

Venturing down into Pioneer Square today might have seemed a little different than normal. A bigger group of people meandering about in their Seahawks jerseys (ok, not a lot of difference there), tents and people giving away free stuff in exchange for your phone number or email address (ok ok, that's not out of the norm either), and football legends milling about taking photos with fans and giving autographs (now, that's what I'm talking about!) We roamed through the Gameday Village that NFL has so kindly offered our fair city before the big game tomorrow. Not only do we get fun and football stars but a concert will kick off the festivities tomorrow with Pharrell Williams and Soundgarden gracing the stage. Take a gander at some of the fun and football legends we came across and be sure to stay tuned for coverage from the big show tomorrow.

Seahawks cornerback legend Marcus Trufant signed autographs for fans. Photo by Morgen Schuler

Even some of the workin' stiffs came out to play. Photo by Morgen Schuler

The kids areas were a big hit with everyone. Photo by Morgen Schuler

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