FLASH GIVEAWAY: Super Furry Animals at the Neptune

STG Presents
Super Furry Animals
with special guests Dead Meadow

Saturday | February 6th
9pm | The Neptune Theatre
All Ages | Bar with ID

The new Super Furry Animals album is a collection of 12 autonomous songs ranging in styles from country and contemporary rock music to orchestral psychedelic pop. However there are common threads that link the songs thematically.

The central character that emerges from these songs is that of an optimistic young woman. Leaving behind a fairly sheltered upbringing in a small distant town and following a break up with her first true love she moves to the city to seek love and glory.

Here as a displaced migrant she encounters many problems, the vast scale of the city metropolis, the insane cacophony of mass consumerism and failed relationships drives her to the edge. She briefly has a break as a TV star having been discovered by a fashion photographer at a gardening tools shop., but as her career dives, is forced to work at ‘Crazy Naked Girls’ strip club. She assumes a hedonistic existence but this in turn leads to the death of her young child.

She is left a rather bitter disenchanted and corrupted individual but at this point finds true love and salvation from the most unexpected quarter. We leave her as a strong experienced individual prepared for all situations.

We hope you enjoy the music and you are inspired by the themes above.

We can be contacted 24 hours a day should you need further information,

Yours Sincerely,
The Super Furry Animals

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